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Website Works - Green Iguana portrait photographed at Iguana Bridge, Costa Rica
Green Iguana – Iguana Bridge, Costa Rica

For some time we have been of the opinion that our website needed a refresh. The design was out-dated and we didn’t feel the images were displayed to their best advantage. It was easy enough to maintain and quite economical to run, but it had to go. In short, some website works were required.

In my last blog post I talked about the amount of time spent away from home and that was one of the reasons why nothing happened quickly. Indeed, there was no actual plan in place and certainly no urgency as our hosting deal lasted until October this year.

Suddenly at the beginning of December an opportunity arose and after a couple of days mulling over the plan, we set off to make the change. Unlike the previous site, which I built myself, this one was going to require the services of an experienced web designer. I’d go so far as to say part of the problem with the original site was down to the fact that I built it.

What I hadn’t fully appreciated was the amount of time it would actually take. On more than one occasion I put in a 14-hour day organising content and liaising with the designer to get the look that we wanted. We even spent time on Christmas Day doing website works going through certain pages.

Website Works - Storm clouds gathering over Swanage beach in December
Storm Clouds gather over Swanage

In between all of this, we spent 10 days in December at the Artisans on the Beach event in Swanage. It was a successful event for us and resulted in the sale of a number of pictures, three of which will soon be gracing the walls of a home in Germany. But the website work was still going on apace and when time permitted, many phone calls and texts were exchanged with the designer.

We set a target of going live with the new site on January 1st, but it was only January 1st in Australia when it actually went live. We had a couple of days testing the website works in the live environment and had one or two issues to resolve, but as I write this, I’m fairly comfortable that it is working as planned.

As part of the website upgrade, we realised we needed to consolidate our social media accounts. As a single photographer, that’s perfectly straightforward. However, as there are two of us, both with our own social media accounts, the situation has been somewhat difficult to resolve. Even now, I’m not totally convinced we have managed it. We want to ensure that we don’t desert any of our followers and hopefully our solution will achieve that. We’ve included links to all of our joint social media accounts on all pages of the new site and also an RSS feed where you can pick up these blog posts as I post them. Time alone will tell if these changes work.

Website Works - Female Serval posing in the open in the Masai Mara, Kenya
Female Serval – Maasai Mara, Kenya

For now, it’s time to go through the thousands of images from our November trip to the Masai Mara with five guests. We were fortunate to have some wonderful sightings yet again. If you’ve seen our post on social media featuring the Serval, a very elusive cat, the three and a half hours we had with her was very special. Keep an eye out in the Kenya 2019 album in our Gallery to see what other successes our guests and we had.

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